The Public Safety Alliance of Washington

Supporting Candidates Who Will
Keep Us Safe

The Public Safety Alliance of Washington supports candidates who prioritize the safety of our communities. We believe rational public safety policy is centered in compassion rather than permission. We believe a victim’s trauma should not be marginalized. We believe well trained and properly supported law enforcement officers are vital to a thriving community.

The Public Safety Alliance of Washington is a non-partisan organization.

Our Mission

Ensure Help is on the Way

When we need help, we deserve the security and assurance of knowing it is on the way. No matter your social or economic status, race or religion, when you call for help, you deserve an immediate response. Without the resources to respond quickly, we leave our communities helpless and in danger.

Defend Our Most Vulnerable

Compassion for those suffering from drug addiction or working in the sex trade does not mean turning a blind eye to the large criminal enterprises profiting from human suffering. We require well-trained officers who are able to engage with appropriate levels of force whenever or wherever our citizens need them.